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Indie game developers answer only to themselves. They are free to use aesthetics like color to express themselves. Here is a list of 14 colorful games-in random order- that use the property in cool ways. Let us know in the comments below what other color inspirations you have!

1) A hero crosses tough terrain in Banner Saga where the sparing use of color thrusts you into his slow march.


2) A farmer-turned-wrestler superhero’s emotions exude through colors in Guacamelee! where the hero races to
rescue his love.


3) A lost boy’s quest to escape a mystery world in Limbo uses black and white to express tension.


4) Aurora wants to return to her father, but is trapped in a world where color gives feeling to her every movement (Child of Light).


5) We learn primary colors mean safety and happiness. Flower’s simple use of color brings these emotions to life.


6) You’re a two year toddler on your own in the middle of the night. The dark and red colors in Among the Sleep
add tension and confusion to this adventure game.

among the sleep

7) A father and son seek to destroy a demon in the Last Inua  that uses color to radiate the duo’s isolation.

Last Inua.PNG

8) A mysterious character’s pilgrimage in a lost civilization combines design and color to create atmosphere and
perspective (Journey).


9) Players of the soon to be released Witness will remember the places they have explored thanks to the puzzle
game’s use of color.

The Witness

10) Color makes its entrance in Dragonflow when it flourishes throughout the game play after the player completes
10 levels.


11) You may, or may not be able to bring a woman back to life in Shadow of the Colossus, which underscores the
urgency of the hero’s mission through de-saturated colors.

Shadow of Collussus

12) You feel lost playing Antichamber, but the color draws you into different possibilities to find your way.


13) Everyone knows World of Warcraft and its use of colors that establish a fantasy world without feeling unrealistic.

World of Warcraft

14) Fans of puzzle games will love how Monument Valley uses warm and cold colors and shapes to help you navigate

Monument Valle

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