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Our ad inventory is accessible 24/7 to advertisers worldwide; campaigns are managed in real-time and target audiences constantly reached.


Advertising with us means you’ll enjoy these great benefits:

Always receive the most attractive impression for your bid

Always pay the fairest price

Experience transparency throughout your campaign

Benefit from seamless buying processes, campaign handling and flighting

Optimize easier in real time

Our Ad Buying Options

Private Market Place

For those advertisers who want to know exactly which site their ads will run on, we offer numerous options in private marketplaces (PMPs). These will allow you to run your campaign more transparently and effectively.

In Private Market Places, we can tailor different deals to your specific needs:

  • Priority (first look)
  • Price-guarantees
  • Availability-guarantees
  • Preferred deals
  • Programmatic guaranteed

Private Market Places are invitation-only auctions to which we invite you to bid in real time on our inventory. To make a deal here, you will need a Deal ID.

Open Market Place

The open market place is an open auction available to every advertiser. In a seamless and efficient manner, the advertiser can find numerous sites and massive amounts of ad inventory.

About open auctions:

  • The most standard way to buy inventory
  • Buyers bid on publishers’ inventory
  • Buyers buy inventory without guarantees; only the site category is known

Preferred Deals

Preferred Deals offer you high-value inventory at a fixed, pre-negotiated price (CPM, floor price).

When you choose our Preferred Deals, you’ll get a first look at our inventory before it becomes available to other buyers at the open auction.

By bidding at or above the fixed price, you’ll gain access to the inventory.

Direct Deals

When you go for a Direct Deal Buy, you can buy guaranteed ad impressions at a fixed, pre-negotiated price.

Take advantage of top-tier inventory such as takeover, rich media or video ads.

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