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30 Million installs and counting


7 versions driving huge installs


#1 on IOS in more than 100 countries

Mobile and web games working in harmony

Our data tells us what players love and helps us to build even better products


Our strongest web games are reimagined for mobile so we already know players will respond to them. The games are tailored for mobile and fine-tuned to engage through the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Our web-to-mobile strategy has established successful games. Now we’re in a position to build on that momentum and start to seriously grow our revenue
Patrik Wilkens, VP Mobile

Powerful IPs

We own some valuable game IPs and are continually building that value by developing and extending the brands on mobile and the web.

Operate Now, for example, attracts huge audiences on the web and is seeing growing success in terms of installs and revenue on mobile. The first mobile variant of the game, Animal Hospital, launched in November 2018, extending the value of the franchise.

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Operate Now was already big on the web and now it’s proving its worth within our web-to-mobile strategy. Thirty million installs is a great landmark, but I’m also excited about the game’s revenue potential
Timm Geyer, CEO

Live Operations and game data

Gaming is a competitive business, and you need the best tools and information.

We have recently upgraded our data warehouse, giving us improved flexibility and reliability to support game analytics. Our speed of response is allowing us to fine tune games and continually improve player engagement and monetization.

Web portal games

With thousands of games and millions of players, data from our web portals is driving our whole business.

The ad revenue from these games remains significant to the company finances and allows us to develop our mobile strategy. But our DNA in web games also puts us in a unique position to respond to the ever-changing games industry.

There is a balance between ad revenue and user experience and I think we have learned a lot on the web that we can apply to mobile
Richard Ramcharan, Technical Program Manager

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