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When you have a deal with Spil Games for integrating a Flash game you will receive an Game ID from your contact person in our licensing team, your Game Producer. You will need this ID in order to initialize the API properly and be able to fully integrate your game, thus make sure you have your ID before starting.

When you are done you will send the build of your game to the Game Producer and she/he will submit it for QA. In order to pass QA your game needs to fulfill a certain list of requirements. Please make sure that your game meets our requirements!

The requirements are separated into 4 groups:


There are some features of the API that are mandatory to everyone and some other depending on your game and the type of deal that you have with Spil Games. Please advice the table or contact your Spil Game Producer in order to see what applies to your situation.

Is it Mandatory

More games Button
App Store ButtonIf the game is also on App Store
Google Play ButtonIf the game is also on Google Play
Game BreaksYes
ScoreIf your game has score, check with your Game Producer
AwardsIf your game has awards, check with your Game Producer

Feature Explenation


A branding logo is a small image which to be included in various game screens. Typically a branding logo appears in a game menu. It reminds the user where he can play the game. Also it complements to the cross-promotion strategies. The overall effect is that games, including yours, will be played more often. Below you can see an example of branding applied in the menu of the game Snail Bob.


Promotional Buttons

The Promotional Buttons are clickable buttons that can link to

  • a Spil site (more games button)
  • a game of the same series
  • the native app of the game

Using the Flash API cross promo buttons images and links can be retrieved. Please contact you account manager to setup cross promo buttons before implementation.


moregames-300x225 promo


Game Breaks


Game breaks are moments in the game when you have a natural pause in the game flow such as a level change. These are opportunities to for us to pause the game and show content (e.x. advertisementgame suggestions or walkthroughs) to the players without breaking the user experience.



If your game the player with a score, you can provide that score to our portals. Check with your Game Producer if you need to implement this feature.


Our portals can give Awards to players after they completed certain tasks. For example reach level 5 or collect 20 items in game. Check with your Game Producer if you need to implement this feature.


  • Final version does not contain debug information
  • File size of the initial load for Flash games may not exceed 7 MB
  • Game is provided to Spil Games without source minification and obfuscation
  • Game is free of progression bugs. The Game should not freeze or crash during a session.
  • Working loading bar with the load progress in a progress bar.
  • The game should not have any hard-coded outgoing links implemented.
  • The game may not have any hard-coded Spil Branding (Logos) implemented.


  • Latest version of Chrome
  • Latest version of Firefox
  • Latest version of Internet Explorer


  • The game should have either:
    • A single functional mute button for all sounds in game OR
    • Two buttons that will allow separate muting of music and sound respectively.
  • Game is playable without music and sound effects.
  • All sounds and music should stop during a Game Break and resumes after it.