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Get started

Getting started

Getting started with the HTML5 API is very straightforward, follow the following few steps and integration should be done with the addition of a few lines of code. Be sure you keep our API integration requirements in mind, that should have been sent to you by the licensing manager (if you’re adding the HTML5 API first, they are only loosely coupled and can be followed separately).

Before we can start implementing the API please read this page carefully.

Generic implementation requirements:

  • Branding Logo
  • More Games Button
  • In-Game Ads
  • Highscores (only if your game supports this)

What is a branding logo?

A branding logo is a small image which to be included in various game screens. Typically a branding logo appears in a game menu. It reminds the user where he can play the game. Also it complements to the cross-promotion strategies. The overall effect is that games, including yours, will be played more often. Below you can see an example of branding applied in the menu of the game Snail Bob.

What is a more games button?

The More Games button is a clickable button that has an outgoing link to the branded site. It provides the user an option to find more of the type of games as he’s currently playing. Especially when other sites publish your game through our systems, we can guide them back to the original location of the content.

What is cross promo button?

The Cross Promo Buttons are clickable buttons that can link to another sequence of the game or to one of the app stores. Using the HTML5 API cross promo buttons images and links can be retrieved. Please contact you account manager to setup cross promo buttons before implementation.

What are In-Game ads?

In-game ads are advertisements that will be shown to a user at logical break moments within the game, we will ensure that users aren’t exposed to too much advertising and get the most relevant advertisement. These advertisements can be either a display ad or a video advertisement.

Read more details about the requirements: Integration Requirements.