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Spil SDK – App settings

The Spil SDK provides a settings menu within the settings app of iOS. It can be used to put the app into debug mode or staging mode. It also provides information about the Spil SDK version and the current user token.

Customer support

To be able to give the right support to our customers we need to know the user’s token.
However as our users are basically guest users and are not authenticated through a user account we can’t lookup the user by other personalized information. This requires us to have the user token exposed in the game in case a customer contacts us for support.

A simple generic solution is to expose the user’s token in the general app settings.
As external developer you only have copy the settings.bundle from within the Spil.framework towards the projects root.
It’s important the bundle is in the root of the project, otherwise it would not work.



To let the app connect to the testing environment of SLOT enable ‘Debug mode’, a password is required to connect, please ask your account manager for the password.

It’s also possible to connect to staging (also requires a password), however this is mainly used by Spil Games internally to test new unreleased features.