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Spil SDK – Game State

The Spil SDK also allows the saving of custom data blobs, game states, that can be associated to a specific user. These game states come in two flavors, public and private. Private game states can be saved at any time, and that game state will be associated with the Spil guest user id. If you plan on saving a public game state, then you are required to provide a custom user id and provider. Any changes to the game states will be pulled automatically by the Spil SDK at the start of the app. You can also request other users public game state by supplying their user ids.

The first step you need to do in order to process the game state data is to setup the callback listener like this:

Next you can use the following methods to operate the game states:

Note: There is a 2mb limit for the gamestate, sending bigger gamestates will be ignored by the backend.