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Spil SDK – Live events

The Spil Games framework offers the possibility to provide predefined live events. Such events allows the user to receive certain rewards by collecting and applying special in-game items which are only available during the duration of the event. Live events are usually combined with push notifications, splash screens and daily bonuses to motivate users to progress faster within the live event. To progress even faster it’s usually also possible to buy more live event items from the in-game shop.

Structure of live events

Each live event contains multiple stages. A stage is a HTML5 webpage which contains the logic and visual representation of the stage, there are 3 different type of stages:

  • Start stage: The start stage provides a short description of the event, together with an explanation of how to complete it and the rewards which can be received.
    This screen will only be shown once by default for each event.
  • Progress stage: This stage shows the user how far he’s progressed till he will receive his reward. This stage will also allow the user to apply the gathered event items to progress further within the live event. This stage can usually be opened from within the game’s main interface.
  • Info stage: Provides information about the collected rewards when the live event has been completely finished.

At least a start and progress stage have to be defined for each live event, an unlimited amount of stages can be added to each event to chain multiple stages within the same live event. Each live event also has a start and end date to schedule it within a certain time period as well, as retrieve configuration details define in SLOT while the live event is active.


The following methods can be used to request and open a live event:

There are multiple events to which the game developer can listen for important live event updates:

For information about getting started with live events or configuring them via SLOT contact your account manager.