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Spil SDK – Push Notifications

To let the Spil SDK know a push notification has been received you need to forward as followed:

Certain push notifications might give the user a reward. However as this reward is custom per game, please discuss the contents of the reward with your spil account manager.

You can listen to rewards by implementing the spil “grantReward” delegate method.
Please see the previous pages on how to listen to delegate methods.

Below you will find a sample integration. Note though that the contents of the reward, in this case coins, can differ for your game. Please discuss this with your account manager.

Before submitting a build to QA please make sure in XCode to enable the Push Notifications capability:

Also set the push notifications environment entitlement to ‘production’. XCode does not do this automatically for you, but it is required to be able to get a valid push token from iOS: