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iOS – Get started

Get started

Before starting the integration of the required SDK frameworks, please make sure you received the following information from your Spil Games account manager:

  • Spil Games Google Analytics Config
  • Spil Games Adjust app token & event tokens
  • Spil Games AdHoc and distribution certificates
  • Spil Games SDK app id (Android)
  • Optional: Spil Games SDK tracking events list

You need to implement the following three SDK frameworks:

  • Google Analytics SDK
  • Adjust SDK
  • Spil SDK


Your game must meet the standard Apple guidelines if your game will be released in the Apple app store:

  • The source files of the Game should be provided to Spil Games without source minification or obfuscation
  • The game needs to work on the following iOS Devices: iPhone 5 (all versions), iPhone 6 (all versions), iPad Mini (3rd generation), iPad Air (and above), iPod touch 5G (and above). We will assist in testing your game on all relevant devices and will provide you detailed bug reports where applicable. Please test on any devices you have access to, after validating it works properly in the simulator.
  • The game needs to work on: OS Versions iOS: 8+
  • Please note: starting 1 Feb 2015 Apple will require all apps to be submitted in 64 Bit.

Visual requirements

All visual assets that are needed in order to publish your app will be created by Spil Games. In order to be able to create the best presentation of your game, please provide us with:
Main character(s)
Level design(s)
Main screen design(s)
Game items
Additional artwork
All files preferable in layered Illustrator vectors, if not available in layered PSD images or at least transparent bitmaps like .png. In the case of bitmaps, please provide as high as possible resolutions and standalone cut-out assets in layers.


Spil Games will create the app icons, the app store graphic assets and other promotional images. In order to have great visibility in the stores and higher install rates it’s important that the images clearly show the gameplay and the unique features of the game.
Any additional artwork with atmospheric visuals are very welcome, too.

Splash Screen

Below you can download a set of portrait and landscape images. They cover the most common aspect ratios and screen sizes. In the case that a different screen size is needed, the vector file (.eps) is also included. There is a landscape and a portrait example provided to see how the logo is used. In any case, don’t resize the logo to a different aspect ratio. Always make sure the logo is used correctly, without any form of transformation.
The developer can include his brand, but must be treated separate and not be placed on the same screen as the Spil Games brand. Spil Games splash first, developer splash second.
Download Image Pack

General Brand guidelines

The Spil Games logo is always used on a complete white background with enough space around it.
The logo must be placed straight and should not be rotated, squeezed, stretched, skewed or have any other form of transformation. The logo cannot be overlapped with other graphic elements or have elements stuck to it.

Optional requirements

Whether there are optional requirements depends on your contract.
Also the technical setup can vary based on the contract agreement, details are for this reason always discussed with your account manager with the support of our technical team.