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Using Charles proxy

This page describes how you can verify SDK implementing using Charles. Charles is a tool to inspect network calls and discover the data being transferred.

Download and install Charles:

Connect your phone with Charles
Make sure you are on a wifi network.
Click the wifi network in the top menu bar holding the ALT key to see your IP address and.


Open the WIFI settings app on you iPhone. Make sure you are connected to the same WIFI hotspot. Press the info icon to see the details.
Scroll to the bottom and the “HTTP proxy” setting to manual:
Type in your IP Address you just looked up on your Mac in the “server” field.
Type in 8888 in the “Port” field.


Now return to the settings screen so the settings are saved.

Install the Charles ssl certificate
In order to see the https traffic we need install a Charles ssl certificate. Go to the safari browser on your iPhone and visit the page: http://www.charlesproxy.com/getssl
Follow the steps to install the charles ssl certificate.
Validate if the install went correct by going to the iphone settings -> General -> Profiles -> Charles proxy. You should see a screen like below:


Using Charles
After opening Charles on your mac and opening your game on the iPhone you should get a popup. Press allow.
Note: by default Charles should start recording the traffic. Otherwise simply press the record button.


You should see all traffic from your WIFI network. Note that this now includes traffic from both your iPhone and Mac.
Enable the ssl proxy by right clicking a https:// domain:


You should now be able to validate the requests and their responses. U can use this for example to validate all Spil tracking events and all its properties.