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Configure your Game

Games & Sites

Under the Games & Sites Menu Box you can find the following options, which are explained here.

  • Games
  • Sites & Games
  • Skutypes
  • Games & Skutypes


You can find your games with the general information, that you provided to us at the beginning of the integration process. You are able to change them to fit your needs.

Field name Definition
Id Read-only field. This is the game ID you need to use in your code to link the game to the payment system.
Name The game name, for example My awesome race game.
Notification URL The callback URL you provided to us.Use it to validate payment data on your end. The callback URL is associated to an automated email setup to notify failed transactions.
Notification type Leave it on the default value: plain.
Verification URL Insert here the Verification URL. This URL is used to verify Dynamic Promotions.
Contentar Game Id A Spil Games reference ID, do not change it.
Sandbox Payment fields Are related to Test Payments.

Sites & Games

In order to invoke the Payment Screen from our side, a connection between your game and the site must be in place. Here you can create and configure these connections. By default, these connections should be already in place by us, if not please contact IntegrationSupport@spilgames.com.

Field name Definition
Notification URL If you wish, you can specify here a dedicated callback URL for a given portal.Usually, it is preferable to use the same callback URL on all portals.
Notification type Leave it on the default value: plain.
Support URL If you wish, you can enter here a URL to define where the help link displayed on the payment selection screen points to.For example, the URL may direct to a FAQ page, or to a contact form page where users can request assistance.
CSS Leave the CSS option to “_default”, unless you have already requested a different CSS from us.


In this page you can create the SKU types for your game by clicking on the button “New”. Keep in mind that you are not able to delete them, only rename them.

Field name Definition
Name Enter here the SKU type internal name, which you can use in your code to reference the SKU type.This field is not visible to the user. Example: shinydiamonds.
Default Text Enter here the SKU type external name, which is displayed on the payment selection screen when users trigger it to initiate a transaction. Example: Shiny diamonds.
Image Link Enter here a static link pointing to the SKU type image that represents the SKU type on the payment selection screen. This image is used only in case you offer more than 1 SKU type.


If your game offers more than 1 SKU type, users can select the desired SKU type on the payment selection screen by clicking the corresponding SKU type tab. As a tab header we use another, smaller SKU type image.

We use these images only when you implement multiple SKU types in your game or application. If you offer only one SKU type, there are no tabs on the payment selection screen.

The table below sums up the asset requirements for these SKU images:

Type Size Format Example
Tab header SKU image 30×25 px, 7KB max. PNG (transparent) SKU_tab_header_thumbs_public

Games & Skutypes

 Connect your game with the SKU types you want to use.