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Test payments

Test payments

Dummy payments — Sandbox payments

After setting up and configuring SKU types and price packages, it is a good idea to carry out some tests to make sure in-game payments are working as expected.

You can use the sandbox payment feature to enable in-game dummy payments to test payment functionality:

  • In the promotion tool, select Games & Sites | Games.
  • If you have added more than one game to the payment administration tool, select from the result list the game you want to use to test payment functionality.
  • The Games | Edit tab is displayed.
  • In the Games | Edit tab:
  • Enable Allow Sandbox Payments:
From  AllowSandboxPaymentsNo_public
To  AllowSandboxPaymentsYes_public
  • In the Sandbox Payments User field, enter a user name corresponding to the Spil Games portal user(s) you want to use to test payments.
If you enter multiple user names, separate them with a semi-colon (“;“).
Since you test in-game payments on Spil Games portals, the user names you enter here need to be actual user names registered in the Spil Games user database.
  • In the Sandbox Payments IP field, enter the public IP address of the machine you’re using to carry out the test.
If you enter multiple IP addresses to test payments on more than one computer, separate them with a semi-colon (“;“).
Both Sandbox Payments User and Sandbox Payments IP are mandatory input fields.


  • Log in to the Spil Games portal your game is published to using the same user name specified in the Sandbox Payments User field above.
  • Go to your game page.
  • Trigger the payment selection screen, either from within the game or the browser console.
  • Follow the instructions displayed on the pop-up dialog window to make an in-game purchase with the user name and the machine corresponding to the IP address specified in the Sandbox Payments User and Sandbox Payments IP fields above , respectively.
  • Check the test payment result (for example: successful, partial or failed).