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As a Spil Games game development partner you can use our payment solution for in-game purchases.
Here you can find documentation on how to integrate our payment solution into your game and manage your in-game economy.

Our documentation consists from 3 parts:

  1. The front-end integration part which focuses on integrating the payment selection screen in the game
  2. The back-end Integration part which focuses on setting up the callback URL to validate payment data.
  3. The Admin tool Manual part which explains how to set up packages and prices.

You should start with the front-end integration and after completing this step, you need to set up the callback URL to validate payment data; this is the back-end part of the payment integration process. Afterwards you can configure your in-game economy by using our admin tool.

Below you can see a quick overview of our documentation.

  1. Front-End integration
  2. Back-End integration
  3. Admin tool manual



If you decide to implement Dynamic Pricing you don’t need to implement the steps below: