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Gifts (Deep link and push notification rewards)

The “Gifts” section of SLOT can be accessed via the main menu and contains the following menus:

  • Deeplinks
  • Push Gifts


The deeplinks screen is used to create and manage reward tokens that are sent to the app via deeplinks. Whenever an app is opened via a deeplink the SpilSDK forwards any attached reward token data to the developer who can then use the SpilSDK to claim the token and give the player the associated reward. Each token can only be claimed once per user. Rewards can be SpilSDK items or currencies (see the “Virtual Goods and Currencies” section of the SLOT documentation), gacha’s and bundles are currently not supported. External (non-SpilSDK) items/currencies are also supported, these can be added using a textual identifier, the developer is responsible for reading the identifier and awarding the correct item on the client side.

Note: rewards can not be edited after a reward token has been created.

Reward tokens have the following properties:

  • Id: Unique, automatically generated, used internally to identify the reward token.
  • Name: A unique name for the reward token. Only used internally for SLOT users.
  • Reward: A list of items and/or currencies that should be awarded to the player when claiming the reward token.
  • Token: A textual identifier for the token, this is included in the deeplink and sent by the client to the server to claim the token.
  • Base Url: The url of the deeplink, for instance “http://www.spilgames.com”.

Claimed tokens

The claimed tokens menu appears on the right side of the reward tokens list when a reward token is clicked.

The claimed tokens menu has the following properties per user:

  • Uid: The user id of the user who has claimed the token.
  • Date: The UTC date-time stamp, indicates when the user claimed the token.

Reward tokens are listed in the reward tokens menu, on the right side of the reward tokens menu you’ll find the following buttons:

Remove deeplink / remove claimed token: Deletes a reward token from the reward tokens list or removes a user’s claimed token from the claimed tokens list.

Copy to clipboard: Copies the full url of the deeplink + reward data to the clipboard. This url can then be sent to the client via a deep linking provider such as Adjust, Firebase or Facebook.

Testing deep links (Firebase)

Developers cannot access the Adjust dashboard to clear claimed deep links, because of this only Firebase can be used for testing deep links. This requires that Spil creates a deep link url via the Firebase console and a reward token via SLOT, this can be done on request by a Release Management or SpilSDK team member. Developers can test a deep link and remove their user id from the claimed tokens list to test a reward token multiple times. Spil will provide a link to the deep link’s debug page, this page can be used for testing the deep link on a phone.

To test a deep link on a mobile device open a browser on the device and navigate to the deep link’s debug page, then click on the “Your dynamic link” link at the top of the page. Be sure to use a browser such as Chrome or Safari for this, the deep link may not work when clicked via skype, the skype browser or many other non-browser apps. Upon tapping the link the user should be redirected to the store to download the app or if the app is already installed the app should be opened. When the app is opened after tapping a deep link it should receive the deep link and any associated reward token data via the SpilSDK. For information on receiving and claiming reward tokens using the SpilSDK see.

Firebase deep link debug page: Be sure to open this in a browser on your mobile device and tap the “Your Dynamic Link” link at the top of the page.


The deep link reward tokens feature does not support segmentation.

Push Gifts

To be added.