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Implementing Asset Bundles Configurations

Note: This feature is only supported if your game is using Unity.

Asset Bundles are files created in the Unity editor during edit-time, which can be used later by a build of a project at run-time. Asset Bundles can contain asset files such as models, materials, textures, and scenes. Asset Bundles cannot contain scripts. Asset Bundles allow on-demand streaming and loading of Assets from a local or remote location. With Asset Bundles, Assets can be stored remotely and accessed as needed, increasing the flexibility of the project and reducing the initial application size. Asset Bundles configurations can be done through SLOT, and as so please ask your Product Manager to configure this before starting the implementation of this feature.

More information on what you can do with Asset Bundles can be found here:


Using Asset Bundles

The Asset Bundles configuration is automatically retrieved when the Spil SDK is first initialized. The configurations are then stored locally so that they can be used by the game, even when offline if they were cached. When the Spil SDK is initialized and the request has been done, the following callbacks are fired:

Once the Asset Bundles are available you can get a dedicated helper class using the following method:

The following functionalities are available in the AssetBundleHelper:

  • Get a full list of AssetBundle objects
  • Get an AssetBundle object by name
  • Get a list of AssetBundles by a specific type (“level”, “event”, “cards”)
  • Check if an AssetBundle is in the list and it is valid (end date has not expired)

For each AssetBundle object you have the following configurations that can be done in SLOT:

  • A name based on which it can be retrieved/identify
  • A type which can be applied to several other AssetBundles (“level”, “event”, “cards”)
  • An end date specifying until what time the AssetBundle should be used; It can also be checked with the IsValid method
  • A hash and a version values that can be used in the AssetBundle system of Unity to cache the downloaded AssetBundle