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The Promotions feature offers the possibility to award users with additional currencies and/or items for a limited amount of time or to reduce the prices for in-game bundles. The feature can be applied to In-Game Bundles and IAP Packages. The following options are available when configuring a promotion:

  • Set a start date and an end date for the promotion.
  • Award users with extra currencies, items and/or gacha boxes. This option is available for both Bundels and Packages.
  • Reduce the price of a purchase. This option is only available to Bundles.
  • Set a max amount of purchases
  • Show splash screen specific to the promotion
  • Configure promotion specific assets. These assets can be accessed through the PromotionsHelper class in the GameAssets List.

Working with Promotions

In order to work the Promotions feature in the game implement the following code:

For Bundle purchases, the Promotion will be applied automatically if there is one. You do not need to add any extra information for the buying of the bundle.

A simple example is also given for applying promotion values to an IAP Package as these need to be applied manually: