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Managing In-Game Purchases

In-app purchases refer to items or points that a player can buy for use within a game to improve a character or enhance the playing experience. These, together with the use of smart ads (described in “Smart Advertisements Support”) are the primary means by which games produce revenue for their makers. The Spil Games platform supports near real-time price changes and timed promotions.

Understanding the in-app Purchasing Strategy

It is important to understand that within the Spil Games platform in-app purchases cannot be added on-the-fly or solely through the appropriate game’s store. The following strategy is used:

  1. The game producer should define various price packages with your game store submission. For example, Starter Pack A for $0.99, Starter Pack B for $1.99, and so on. The contents of each package (for example, the number of coins that the user receives) should also be defined.
  2. Your Spil Games Account Manager will then coordinate with Spil Games LiveOps to ensure that the promotions, and the packages associated with them, are set up on the Spil Games server (SLOT). Typically, this includes any discounts that users should receive as part of the promotions, and the period during which specific promotions should be available.
  3. Using the SpilSDK, developers can request information from SLOT about the active promotions and packages to implement and manage the in-game shop.

Retrieving IAP Packages Information

The IAP Packages feature within the Spil Games SDK can automatically request IAP package information when the game starts. To retrieve this information, use the following code:

IAP tools/libraries

The Unity IAP library is the standard library used by most of our developers. If you’d like to use a different IAP library then that’s fine, but please confirm this with your Spil representative.