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Splash and Daily Bonus Screens

The Spil Games framework offers the possibility of supporting both splash and bonus screens. Splash screens appear while a game is loading. They are a very useful means of engaging with the user community and can be used for a variety of reasons, including as an additional form of advertising, to restrict access to content such as pornography or gambling, and to grab the user’s attention through special offers. Typically, daily bonus screens are used to reward users each time they return to the game. Within the Spil Games framework, both screen types are implemented as HTML5 web pages that appear as pop-ups within the game. This has the advantage that changes can be made to them without the need to update the game itself.

Understanding the Splash and Daily Bonus Screens Strategy

Within the Spil Games platform, splash and daily bonus screen support are implemented as follows:

  1. The Game’s producer defines the splash screens required to be used within the game. This includes the platforms for which each screen is intended, the relevant game version, the event that triggers the screen, its URL, the period within which it is active. The daily bonus screens should also be defined, and include the items or currency the user should receive, and the number of times the user should see the screen. Note that if these screens are to be developed by a third party, Spil Games can provide a template for their creation.
  2. Your Spil Games Account Manager will then coordinate with Spil Games LiveOps to ensure that the screens are set up on the Spil Games server (SLOT).
  3. Within the Spil Games SDK, developers can then specify when these screens should appear within the game.

Controlling Splash Screens

Splash screens can be triggered in one of two ways. They can either be fired automatically as a response to a tracking event (such as level complete), or they can be triggered manually.

Before requesting the splash screen, you should implement the callback listener using the following code:

To work with splash screens during game time, use the following code:

Controlling Daily Bonus Screens

The reward received by users through the daily bonus screen can be handled in one of two ways. If the game implements the wallet and inventory control system provided by the Spil Games SDK, then it is handled automatically, and a callback is fired when the user’s wallet and inventory have been updated with the correct values. If the game does not use these mechanisms, then the DailyBonusReward callback will be fired returning a string list of rewards, and then the developer must implement the logic necessary for updating the game’s wallet and inventory.

Before requesting the daily bonus screen, you should implement the callback listener using the following code:

To request the daily bonus screen during the game, use the following code:

If the daily bonus screen is available call the following method to show it:

To listen to status updates of the daily bonus screen listen to the following events:

It’s also possible to create a daily bonus screen using Unity’s asset bundle system, for that the raw daily bonus config data can be used: