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Everyone seems to be talking about Live Ops these days.


Top gaming journalist Will Freeman talked to Spil Games (among others) when he wanted an expert view on Live Operations. His article in PocketGamer.biz makes interesting reading. “…monetisation thrives when games are constantly tended to,” he explains.


Tommy Leung, founder of Captivate Games is enthusiastic about live operations’ business impact. “Live ops can contribute a 30% increase in revenues” he writes in Medium.com.

Massimiliano Sermi a Live Ops expert who has worked at Kabam, makes a strong case for why Live Operations needs to be part of a game’s full lifecycle.  A Live Ops team, he writes, “can support any department thanks to its knowledge of the game mechanics and community. It brings innovative ideas and helps improving the product as well as the player experience in game.”

Tung Nguyen-Khac, Spil’s CEO spoke about Live Ops with GamesIndustry.biz earlier this year. He explained one of the most important steps to take advantage of Live Ops is a shift in mindset, “Stop thinking of yourself as a game producer.  Think of yourself as a butler”.

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