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Mobile User Privacy – EN

Mobile User Privacy

Feb 19 2018

SPIL Games BV (hereafter referred to as “SPIL”), is dedicated to protecting the privacy of our users and handling any personal information we obtain from such users with care and respect. Our Mobile Apps Privacy Policy describes what information we collect from our users, what we do with it, and the limited involvement of third parties. We do not collect more information than is reasonably necessary to provide you with the best user experience.

SPIL shares device identifiers and other personal data with our trusted social media, advertising, and analytics partners in order to improve your user experience. Our partners help us improve the functionality of our games, gain insight into the use of our games, and create advertisements you find relevant.

SPIL will use device identifiers and other personal data for the following purposes as well:

Functionality: SPIL collects data about choices you have made and allow to tailor the game to you. SPIL remembers choices you make such as language preference, country location, or other settings and provide personalized or enhanced features that you select, so that next time you use the game you won’t have to provide all this information again.

Analytics: SPIL gathers data about the way you use our game. These statistics provide us with insight into how often you play a game, on what parts you spend the most time, and in general how you interact with a game. This allows us to make the structure, navigation, and content of our game as user-friendly as possible. Also, SPIL is able to keep track if you experience any errors and determine which parts of our game need to be adjusted.

Recommendations: SPIL collects data about you in order to optimize game content and provide you with game specific recommendations.

Social media: SPIL shares data with social media companies. These companies may use this data to provide you with relevant advertisements on their websites and online services.

Advertising: SPIL collects and shares data in order to personalize advertisements within the game to your preferences and online behavior. We also use this data to measure the delivery and the performance of advertising campaigns and limit the number of times you see an advert. This data is shared with third party advertisement companies.

SPIL has a right to adjust this statement from time to time, which may be due to changes in our games or relevant regulation.

Should you still have questions and/or remarks, please contact us via info@spilgames.com or write to: SPIL GAMES BV Mussenstraat 15 1223 RB, Hilversum The Netherlands