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Stefanie Hels, a leader in game analytics, data mining and virtual economies, has joined Spil Games, augmenting the company’s skills in game intelligence.

Stefanie joined us from Ubisoft’s Singapore operations on September 1, 2015 as Senior Manager for Business Intelligence.

“I’m delighted to have persuaded Stefanie to come and work with us,” says Tung Nguyen-Khac, CEO of Spil Games. “She is pre-eminent in using data to analyze the user journey and improve game experience and revenue performance.”

For the past two and a half years, Stefanie has been Analytics Manager at Ubisoft Singapore where she was responsible for the Business Intelligence Group. Her focus was on monetizing free-to-play games, giving her a skill set that will come to the fore within Spil Games’ mobile strategy.

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Prior to that, she was Director of Analytics at Bigpoint in Germany.

“My approach is analytical creativity,” says Stefanie. “It’s about building a bridge between game designers and the business side of gaming. Analytics can really help you understand player behavior and the interdependencies in a virtual economy.”

“Spil Games already had considerable talent and technical infrastructure in business intelligence” says Tung. “But with Stefanie’s help, I am confident we will take metrics-driven decision-making to the next level.”


Notes for Editors

Spil Games is a publisher and distributor with 100 million monthly users in native, mobile and web gaming. www.spilgames.com

It’s services to developers include analytics, data mining, and live operations to monitor user behavior in real time.

Connect with Stefanie Hels at https://sg.linkedin.com/in/stefaniehels/en

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