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Spillers are celebrating 2 years of Operate Now: Hospital, the company’s most successful transfer from web portal to mobile game. In that time, it has exceeded 45 million installs on iOS and Andriod.

Thanks must go to the core mobile team and to the many others from across the company who supported the game’s growth.

We identified a gap in the mobile market, ported the game from web to mobile, added resource management and dramatic storylines to boost engagement and monetisation. We came up with great ideas in user acquisition and social media and drove the game forward with Live Ops and data analysis. We kept players coming back with events and themes to customise their hospital. So many people contributed in one way or another. This milestone is truly a shared celebration.

A big part of the success is how much players love the game. Operate Now: Hospital players are so devoted that we created this infographic to highlight what they have achieved.

Download Operate Now: Hospital now on App Store or Google Play.


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