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• Spil Games’ surgery simulation and hospital management game hits 30 million mobile installs.
• The last 6 months saw 15 million installs, equaling the previous 9 months.
• The game just got its biggest ever update, including 3 new surgeries and an entire new hospital to keep players engaged for longer.

Spil Games announces its surgery simulation and hospital management game,Operate Now: Hospital, has been installed 30 million times, with the rate of downloads accelerating. The game saw 15 million installs in its first 9 months and has matched that in the next 6 months, adding a further 15 million. The majority of these installs are organic.

“We’re starting to see real success with ourOperate Nowbrand on mobile,” says Timm Geyer, Spil Games CEO. “It was already big on the web and now it’s proving its worth within our web-to-mobile strategy. Thirty million installs is a great landmark, but I’m also excited about the game’s revenue.”

Since launch,Operate Now: Hospitalearnings have grown steadily in line with installs. However, it has taken a big step up in the last three months, making it Spil’s most successful mobile game by far.

“Players seem to love the surgeries, hospital management and storylines within the game and its engagement numbers reflect that,” Timm says. “It validates our strategy of taking the most successful of our web games and reimagining them for mobile.”

• Overall time in game is up 20% in 2018 to 30 minutes a day.
• Time in game gets an average 30% boost when we run an event. We’ve run 7 events since the game was launched.
• In the last 3 months, players have bought 50 million hospital room customizations with in-game currency.

Players’ enthusiasm for the game is partly driven by constant updates and new features. The latest update has just gone live and it’s the biggest yet, featuring:

• 3 new surgeries, taking the total to 15.
• A brand new hospital.
• 4 new custom themes.
• A world map to visualize hospital locations.
• A staff transfer feature to allow players to move staff between hospitals.

Spil Games plans to tap even further into the surgery-simulation audience on mobile with an Operate Nowspin-off:Operate Now: Animal Hospital. The game is in soft launch and performing well. We expect the game to launch globally next month.

Notes for editors

Spil Games is a fast-growing and agile games publisher and producer, reaching huge audiences across the web and mobile. www.spilgames.com

We are a global leader in online gaming and are ramping up fast on mobile. Our focus is on growing our mobile business and since 2015 we’ve seen installs rise from 50 million to more than 350 million (we were at 300 million as of March 2018 when Operate Now: Hospitalwas at 15 million installs).

Other games which have made the leap from web to mobile include the Troll Face Questseries (120 million installs to date) and Uphill Rush(more than 50 million installs to date).

Operate Nowsurgery games have been played hundreds of millions of times on our web portals such as agame.com and continue to be hugely popular.

Operate Now: Hospitalis a more grown-up, more engaging version of these games, designed for mobile. Its commercial launch on iOS and Android was in June 2017 and by the end of that year it had already achieved more than 10 million installs. Since then, installs have been accelerating: it passed 15 million in March and is at 30 million as of October 2018.


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