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Last updated: 16-09-2020


We are dedicated to protecting the privacy of our users and handling any personal information we obtain from such users with care and respect. Our Mobile Apps Privacy Policy describes what information we collect from our users in our mobile games, what we do with it, and the limited involvement of third parties. An overall principle is that we do not collect more information than is reasonably necessary to use our mobile games.

Azerion recognizes the need to provide further protection with respect to children’s personal information that we may collect and we take many precautions to protect such information. We do not knowingly actively collect personal information from children in connection with our games, unless the collection falls within an exception under privacy laws. When we intend to collect personal information from children, we will obtain parent consent to do so and protect such information with reasonable additional measures. Our mobile games may contain advertisements about Azerion’s or third party products and services. However, we do not permit behaviorally-targeted advertising to children in our mobile games when a user is under the age of 13.

Parents and legal guardians are advised to discuss and explain our Mobile Apps Privacy Policy and Terms of Use with their children.



If you are a parent and would like more information, to review or delete any of your child’s information please send an email with your questions, comments, or concerns to dpo@azerion.com or write to:



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