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Self testing

General testing

We recommend you test your game in various simulators to start with and during the development process test frequently on a real device. Especially performance is important to test on a real device.
If you don’t have a real device to test your game on, please contact your Spil Games account manager in advance to discuss the assistance of a QA engineer to test various development builds.
We understand you might not have all the devices we have listed in this requirements document. This is not a problem. Once you have tested the game in the simulator (and preferably on one real device) you can request a QA moment for your game. We will test your game on all the listed devices.

Good practices:
To receive extensive crash reports you can consider to integrate Crashlytics. This is not required but can help you solve potential crash issues faster. For more information about Crashlytics please look at: https://get.fabric.io/

QA Checklist:

We ask you to go through all the expected results in the Developer_QA_Checklist document. This is a living document and is subject to changes according to the requirements defined by Spil Games, the Google Play Store and App Store.
A QA Approval does not guarantee your app is free of issues, the developer is always end-responsible for the quality of their own app.

Issues and fixes:
We ask you to verify that all reported issues are fixed before submitting a new build to QA.
Failing to fix issues but reporting them as “everything fixed” will be flagged to the Spil Account Manager.

App Store (iOS) Guidelines:
The App Store guidelines are strict but straightforward. Every submitted build to the App Store requires to be reviewed by a member of the Apple Review Team and rejections/approval can differ depending on the member.
To ensure a near guarantee, carefully go through the following URL’s:

Google Play Guidelines:
Ensure to read all the corresponding Google Play guidelines and requirements. A good-to-have or recommended guideline does not mean it’s not a requirement.
These are defined for quality and to ensure the best possible experience to all users. Pay special attention to the following URL’s: